Being a good developer in a development team

This is not meant to be a long post but what I would like to write about is how much a good and friendly environment could impact to the productivity of a team. It could seem something irrelevant or some extra value which is nice to have but instead it should be the first and most important aspect of a company/group of work.

Moments of frustation and stress are inevitable during the working days and of course those are also directly proportional to the company, project size, deadlines and more. I can attest from personal experience, that positivity can save the situation in most of these cases. As Scrum Master in my current project I feel responsable somehow for the mood of the team where I work and that’s why I always try to keep the spirit up and find solution for my team mates frustations when I can.

A balanced team should always have some positive thinking persons and not only that.
For a development team soft skills are important as much as technical skills are:

  • Emphaty: Being able to understand your team metes problems and emphaty allows how to interact in a good way with them. When you don’t agree on someone else idea, starting with a positive feedback about their suggestion is always a good first step and then saying what you don’t like will maintain a sane collaborative environment.
  • Communicative: Good communication is always the key. Speak clearly, listen and don’t interrupt.
  • Collaborative: A diverse workplace can create better results. Working well with others makes work more fun, and having different points of view helps to build more successful companies.
  • Being accessible and helpful: Show that people can always ask you help or information. If people don’t feel confortable asking you help or just talking with you when something goes wrong, they will do it less and less and this can evolve to be a very big problem.
  • Patience: Sometimes you will be required to be present for some meetings, or to explain reasons for your decisions to someone that doesn’t understand programming. Not everyone understands programming or have idea of how long writing code takes. They may ask you to do something without realizing the difficulties and this can bring frustration. Take your time to explain why it’s not as simple as they think, and to answer any questions that they have.
  • Have an open mind: If your mind is open, you’re more willing to accept new ideas and not just from your team, but from the rest of the company and even customers.
  • Problem solving: Once you know what exactly the problem is and after finding out what caused it, the solution could be easier to find. It’s also important to remember that any problem you have found or need to solve, you don’t need to do it alone.
  • Responsable: Take the responsibility of your mistakes. If you hide your mistakes, there’s the possibility that you or one of your colleagues will make the same mistake in the future.
  • Creativity: Sometimes the best ideas come from a different point of view or less obvious angle. Creativity can be learned and it comes with practice.
  • Time management: When you have many things to do, knowing how to manage your time is very important.

It could be hard to follow all these aspects every day in every single time but is important to keep in mind that a good developer is required to have also soft skills to work in a team, no matter how high his/her technical skills are.

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